Anything in nature has value only if it can be consumed as food. The Sun,  Rain and earth only have value because trees consume them as food. In the same way plants are valuable because animals consume them as food. And animals got value because other animals consume them as food. Anything which is consumable is valuable. Who consume humans? Who does human life get its value.    

Other animals only seek food. But humans also seek identity in their society. A human life is valuable only if it also act as food for those who are around him/her. Here the word food means to provide emotional as well as intellectual nourishment to others.  

Why Krishna eats? If he is immortal,  he doesn’t fear death. Just because he wants to give other value and he also allow himself to be eaten to provide other nourishment. 

Before the start of kuru-kshetra war,  the Pandavas and kauravas both came to Krishna for help. Krishna offer both an unarmed himself and his fully equipped army. Kauravas chose his army Narayani and Pandavas chose Narayan himself. Kauravas like asuras seek material nourishment over emotional and intellectual nourishment.  

In the same way world also gives value to property over proprietor, material wealth over persons emotions, feeling or his potential. Hence the purpose of life become all about acquiring more and more wealth. The property that we acquire gives us both psychological and physical nourishment. Phycholohicaly it gives us identity in our society and physically it gives us food. And it can also inherited to future generations.  

We have three layers of body. The outermost layer is known as social layer (karanasharira). Then comes physical layer (sthula-sharia) and finally the mental layer ( sukshma- shariat). Social body refers to property inherited or earned through effort. Physical body is flesh container of our beauty, skills, talent etc. And the mental body comprises of sensations, feelings and ideas and how we imagine ourselves. When our mind outgrown it’s depends on social body and physical body then it discovers atma. 

Society always value our social body, we recognise ourself either with social body or physical body or with both, but our job is to outgrow both and recognise ourself with our ATMA.