Bhagavad Gita ch.1, verse 2

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Sanjaya reply to question asked by Dhritarashtra:


After looking at Pandavas army king Duryodhana went to his Acharya (teacher) Drona and said this. Vyasa was a great poet and thinker, every word that he put has a meaning. He is using word king instead of a prince, though Duryodhana was not a king yet, to show the attitude of Duryodhana that he considers himself as a person in power or king. Since his childhood, Duryodhana always considers himself as the rightful heir to the throne because the father was blind and totally dependent on him. pandavas are the only obstacle in his way. That’s why he develops hatred and aversion towards them and that arise because of his attachment towards the throne. The words attachment and hate seems to be opposite of each other but hate and aversion arise due to attachment. He went to his guru because he is fearful after looking at Pandavas army and he knows mastery of Drona and his strength. When we are fearful we will go to someone where we feel more secure like children hide behind their parents when they feel insecure. But not with humility of student but with the vanity of a king, like he wants to say that look you are my employee and make sure you must use all your strength to win this war. People feel most powerful when they are insecure, that’s why in most of the mental diseases person become violent because they lose grasping of reality and start feeling insecure about themselves. That’s why at that moment of war Duryodhana feel like a king or person in power.

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